Explore my newest creations. There's more to come. Keep checking back to see what's new.

Everything around me goes into the art that I create. I celebrate color and whimsey. I paint each metal piece individually, so colors and patterns can vary slightly. Every piece is designed and hand painted by yours truly. I sign each piece I create.

Stunning three-dimensional artworks, hand-painted on wood and canvas, featuring layered metal on a metal background. Each piece comes with a wall bracket for easy display and is both created and personally signed by Robert Shields.

Experience the captivating allure of art prints adorned with meticulously hand-illustrated designs, rendered in striking black and white tones. Each piece bears the distinctive mark of authenticity, signed with reverence by the skilled artisan, Robert Shields.

When I design a jewelry piece, it is the reflection of the different influences that have affected my art. When I moved to Sedona, it brought forth a rush of creativity. The beauty of the red rocks against the clear turquoise sky, the ethereal glow of light as it hits the red rocks at days end.

These pieces that I designed are now heavily collected. Mostly made of resin, I had a lot of fun designing these guys. Check them out. I personally sign each piece ordered here.